What Is Mass Email Marketing and Is It Right For Your Business?

Mass email marketing represents a marketing strategy where an email is sent to a large group of people at the same time. It may be informational, promotional, or anything that could lead to increased sales and brand awareness.

Email marketing, decades after the first email was sent out, has come to be one of the most effective marketing strategies available to all types of businesses. In fact, it boasts up to a whopping $44 return on every $1 investment.

Email marketing is basically sending out emails to your subscribers and leads to inform, promote, drive sales, and overall build a community as you establish your brand. But is it really advisable to use mass email marketing when marketers nowadays constantly encourage the use of personalized emails?

The answer to that is YES! Big enterprises and small businesses alike can, and should, seriously consider mass email marketing as a marketing campaign. It is, of course, more than just sending. There are certain considerations required to ensure its success.

Mass Email Marketing Done Right


 Just like any other marketing strategy, mass email marketing will only be effective when well thought out and properly implemented. Here are some of the factors that could affect the mass email marketing success rate.

Target Audience


Email List

Every marketing strategy must revolve around the target audience. Once you’ve identified your target audience, have your email list ready. Now, as your list continues growing, it would be best to segment it.

List segmentation is one way to increase the success rate of your mass email marketing. Instead of crafting one email for each person on your list, you can send one email to everyone on the same segment of your list.


Email Automation

It may take you some time to get the hang of mass email marketing. Once you do, you may want to consider email automation which is a convenient email marketing solution. You can easily set-up autoresponders to send emails throughout your customers’ journey.

Email automation is an effective lead nurturing method if done right. Of course, you may also opt to use an email marketing service from a reliable and efficient service provider to take care of your mass email campaign.


Heed Your Data

As with any marketing campaign, carefully track your data. There are tools you can use for this; some email platforms may even have built-in analytics to help make tracking your campaign even easier.

Carefully check which email has the highest open rate and analyze which factors contributed to it. This will allow you to finesse your mass email marketing strategies such as your templates and send times.


Email Deliverability

Email deliverability is one of the greatest determining factors of your marketing success. Deliverability depends, in part, on technical factors. Other ways to increase deliverability rate include keeping your email address or contact list up-to-date and ensuring that the content doesn’t appear spammy. Strategically timing email sending is also a great help.


Email Design and Content

Any type of email, from transaction email to promotional email, sent by your business represents your brand. Email design as well as content could greatly affect your open rate and click-through rate.

The email design must reflect your business’ values on top of the message you wish to convey. It must be strategically structured, naturally drawing the reader to the call-to-action. Simplicity is actually key to highlight the content of the email – one high-quality, relevant image is way better than multiple low-quality images.

Capture your readers’ attention with an impressive subject line. The content must be short and concise but effectively gets the message across. Whether you should use HTML or plain text depends on your target audience and the type of email you will be sending. You may want to test out a number of subject lines andl templates or opt to use an editor in coming up with your email template.


Email for Mobile

Many people check their emails on their smartphones first thing in the morning. It’s also notable that almost 70% of recipients check marketing emails on their mobile. This is why you must ensure that it appears well on mobile devices.

Mass Email Marketing: Reap the Benefits

Email is a convenient way to build customer relationships – connect with existing as well as prospective customers.

Mass email marketing is a convenient way to build customer relationships – connect with existing and prospective customers. It enables marketers to create and send out emails in a timely manner.

Marketing emails that contain sales-driving information could even be easily forwarded by the recipient. This would subsequently lead to increased awareness of your business without any additional cost.

Mass email marketing allows marketers to test various factors and how customers respond to each. This will ultimately lead to increased open rates, click-through rates, and sales.

Bottom line, mass email marketing is a low-cost and greatly effective strategy that will bring you closer to business success. This is of course, provided that you execute it strategically.


Frequently Asked Questions About Mass Email Marketing

How do I send a mass email?

First, choose an email editor or template, then set up your email campaign. Make sure to examine pertinent details: sender information, recipient details, subject line, content, scheduling details. You can now set-up your target contacts and schedule your email.

Is sending mass emails illegal?

No, it is not. However, sending unsolicited commercial emails, spamming, or mailbombing is illegal.

What is the best way to send bulk emails?

Once you’ve set clear goals for your mass email marketing campaign, it’s best to use an email marketing platform or a mass mailing software/tool. If a free option is offered, make sure to see how many email contacts you can add.

How can I send bulk emails for free?

You may use a regular email platform or opt for a mass mailing application or platform that offers free services. Take note, however, that using these free options may limit the number of emails you could efficiently send in a day.

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