Persistence In Sales: The Key To Successful Sales Results

Goals are key motivators in driving persistence in sales. Aiming for a mere average number isn’t motivating enough; in sales, the sky’s the limit.

In general, individuals measure and reach success differently. Several people base it on financial status, some on marital status, and others on health status. In business, however, though there are several factors and indicators that entrepreneurs take into consideration, sales are the universal measurements of a business’s success.

The Value of Persistence

Though there’s no definite formula for success, successful people show common denominators in characters and personalities – innovativeness, positivity, and persistence. 

 In layman’s terms, persistence means uninterrupted or lasting existence; a continuing or repeating behavior. It’s an attitude that drives an individual to lock their eyes on the goal and make it happen no matter what the cost is.

 In the corporate world, persistence refers to someone’s consistent and continuous drive to achieve a certain quota, productivity, conversion, or sales goal. A salesperson, per se, is regarded to be persistent by tirelessly pursuing high-quality leads until they initiate a purchase. 

 Persistence, in sales, could mean weekly check-up phone calls, monthly relevant and beneficial newsletters, daily cold phone calls, or regular hard sales pitches. To achieve, or exceed, your sales rate target you have to be willing, committed, and dedicated. After all, it appears that only 2 % of sales deals close on first meetings.

Persistence is, indeed, the key to entrepreneurial success. You have to be mindful, however, as there’s a fine line between persistence and pestering.

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Mastering Persistence to Achieve Sales Success

When talking about a “salesperson”, people usually think of someone charismatic, attractive, alluring, persuasive, and a seemingly endless list of fancy and almost too-good-to-be-true characteristics. Little do they know that one key attitude could balance and level all these – persistence.

Persistence is not something that everyone’s born with. The good thing, however, is that it’s something anyone can develop. With the right mindset, anyone can unlock and fine-tune persistence.


Goal-Setting and Action-Planning

Despite the various and rapid technological advancements worldwide, human minds remain to be the most powerful tools. Like how René Descartes has put it, “Cogito, ergo sum” or, “I think; therefore, I am.” 

A sales team with clear and specific goals is bound to succeed. This is because persistence starts with proper goal-setting that eventually leads to applicable action-planning. Successful sales start with the right mindset – from setting the right expectations to focusing only on the things that you can control.

 You have to have a laser focus and not lose sight of the bigger picture. Specific goals equate to specific action plans; as you enlist what you’re aiming for, break down all you need to do into small achievable tasks. Moreover, you always have to have a back-up or failure plans.


Positive Mindset and Realistic Execution

A positive mindset is vital in the beautifully messy world of entrepreneurship, but be sure to balance it with your current reality. False expectations are worse than bitter truths.

 Goal-setting and action-planning are useless unless these are put into action and sales representatives are constantly in motion. A successful sales rate cannot be achieved overnight, one must religiously work hard to make it happen. Be consistent until persistence becomes a habit. Bear in mind, practice makes things permanent.

Furthermore, since every business is unique, it’s more of a trial-and-error. This is why you should always be trying and discovering and innovating. Never get stuck on your sales script or initial draft plan.


Following-Through and Character-Nurturing

You have to remember that the needs and wants of your prospects don’t remain the same. In fact, due to several factors, these are constantly changing. This is one of the reasons why trending products today could be forgotten tomorrow like they never existed.

Hence, see to it that you revisit your goals and your plans every once in a while. Persistence doesn’t mean whatever you initially planned should be followed throughout; rather, it refers to your attitude of sticking with your goals regardless of any challenges you encounter. 

Things don’t always work out the way we want them to. As they say, change is the only thing that’s constant in this world. So, be persistent in investing in yourself. Set a goal and work hard to hit it, then adjust your goal a little further, and work a little harder to hit it, then adjust it a bit further and work a bit harder, then do it again then again then again. Consistency and resiliency mostly make up persistence.

Persistence is about the extra miles you take to grow as a person and to improve your current situation. It’s about the steps you take, no matter how small, for the betterment of sales skills. 

Selling is undeniably challenging – from lead generation to prospects nurturing to customer retention. Not to mention, the effort and strength needed to remain positive and committed despite the countless rejections you’re more likely to receive. Nevertheless, master your persistence until it becomes innate. It may not make things easier for you as a salesperson, but it could significantly prep you for surviving such situations.

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