How to Write an Engaging Promotional Email

Do you want to boost your sales, expand your reach? Why don’t you buy an email list for marketing? Take that wise step and be on the right track to success.

A high quality and carefully constructed leads list could make a great difference in your marketing campaign and subsequently, your profit margin. Now, if this list crosses with email, which remains a leading communication channel, you’ve got yourself a tried and tested marketing strategy that is sure to bring in the profit. Even with the onslaught of various digital media platforms, email remains one of the most widely used marketing methods. Products that are marketed through email have a relatively high profit turnout; email, in general, promises huge returns on investment (ROI). Hence, email leads could be turned into a great marketing tool that can be wielded by any reputable business.

So, what exactly are email leads? Leads, in general, refer to your target customers. Then, email leads are potential clients that have opted in for marketing emails after expressing interest in a product, service, or brand. A lead’s email address is usually gathered through a subscription form, sometimes through direct chat or even via phone. An email address is a valuable bridge that connects a business to a potential client and that potential client’s family, friends, and their whole network.

Of course, there are certain steps and ways to make the most of email as a marketing tool. A difficult initial step is obtaining email leads that are best fit for your business. You start from a long and varied consumer list or target market list, then narrow it down or branch out, depending on how you see it. Then, there’s a crucial part of the effective strategy to convert those email leads into loyal customers. Read on and learn more about obtaining those email leads and boost your business with the help of some email marketing tips that we have prepared for you.

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Email Database Buy and Earn Process


Email, as previously mentioned, is a widely used communication channel making it a highly effective marketing solution. An email address, however, is not something that people would readily share with others. After all, a person’s email address usually links to their bank accounts, social media accounts, and other accounts. Now, how would you obtain a high-quality email leads list versus getting emails yourself? Here’s where purchasing email lists could come in handy.

Of course, you could always build your email leads list. That is if you are willing to allot valuable  work hours and effort to gather email addresses and build that email list. Even then, you won’t be sure that the emails you have acquired would make for a high-quality list. Remember, this list will be one of the crucial factors that could make or break your email marketing campaign. There certainly are ways to build your email lists such as using opt-in forms and popups. But as I said, the downside is that it could eat up a huge chunk of your time, budget, and manpower. If your business is still getting off the ground, building your list could be painfully slow and counterproductive.

Then, there’s the option of doing your email marketing campaign using readily available lead lists for sale. Purchasing an email list is undeniably convenient, whether it be for an established business with a lot on their plate or a new business that’s looking to obtain customers. Purchasing a list comes with some risks, of course. You may end up paying for a list that is of no value to your business because the emails do not belong to your target market. The people on the list may not even check their email regularly. These are definitely some of the risks, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take them. Just like buying anything, it’s essential to learn more about the product or service before paying for it. Do some research to ensure that you purchase the right list from a reputable source with great work ethics.

Purchasing email lists is convenient and could certainly be an efficient way to start that digital marketing campaign that your business needs. Do not be afraid of taking that leap if you have done your homework and calculated the odds in your favor. Business is about taking calculated risks, after all. To help you decide to buy that list with more confidence, here are some things you should consider when making that purchase.


Know What Your Business Needs Are

A great business owner makes sure to know what would most benefit their business. Before making a move to buy that list, you must consider what your business needs are and have a clear picture of the output you want. It would certainly be unwise to buy a list that does not suit your needs. The email leads must fit in well with the product or service that you are selling. Do not be dazzled with offers and promos, unless they fit perfectly with your business needs.


Quality Is Key

An email list of hundreds containing your audience demographic is ultimately better than an email list of thousands of unusable contacts. As in most cases, when it comes to email leads, quality is better than quantity. While a great quantity of email leads is the goal, never forget that what you truly need is a great quantity of high-quality email leads. Look for a list of verified leads; a list that is constantly updated. You are building and expanding your business using these leads; hence, if your list is full of bad or dead leads, you are not helping your business grow at all.


Get a Customized List

So, you have set-up your business; you’ve opened your physical store, established your target market, and have decided to start that digital marketing campaign. Next, you have realized the great importance and use of email marketing. You have decided to purchase an email list to kick off that campaign. Keep in mind that the key to starting any marketing campaign is to connect with your target market and convince them that they need your product or service.

When you purchase an email list, remember that it wouldn’t be much use to you if more than half of the leads on that list do not belong to your target market. It would also be useless if half of the leads live on the other side of the country and won’t be coming into your business anytime soon. Look for a source that provides list customization. The chances are that list provider is in the business not just for the profit but also to truly help businesses expand their reach. Choose a list provider that allows you to pay only for the list of leads within your target market and within the geographic area of your product and/or service.


Best Value for Money

We are all on the lookout for great deals, but make sure that any supposed deals are actually good for your business. Remember the aforementioned considerations, and you have a great chance of getting the best value for your money. Pay for what your business needs and make sure that efficient service comes with it. Do your research, and do not hesitate to verify or clarify as needed. Choose the best email leads list to create your email database that will make a strong foundation for your email marketing campaign. This wise move is for your business growth. It would help to remember this. Through these email lists, you are being given that opportunity, the means to expand the campaign, and turn those leads into profits. Now, that is ensuring the best value for money.

Purchasing an email list may have its downsides, but the benefits certainly outweigh them. When you expand your reach, you create more connections. These connections, when carefully worked on and nurtured, would reinforce your business.

A business, in great part, practically speaking, is about the income, the profit. High-quality email lists mean great leads. These hundreds or thousands of great leads could, with the right strategy, be converted into customers or even lifetime clients. The more leads that become clients, the more profit you gain and the bigger your business would become. So, go ahead and purchase that list and start growing your business empire.

What Comes After You Purchase Email Lists?

While a rigorously filtered and verified lead list is a significant milestone in expanding your company’s reach, it does not stop there; actually, it is where everything begins. This is where you take the first of the many steps to your business growth – the email marketing.

Despite the rapid releases and innovation of new online platforms or social media sites, email remains an efficient tool for reaching out to hundreds of billions of potential consumers worldwide. Email marketing allows a business to reach out to its targeted and/or loyal customers by directly sending relevant messages or content. It is never as easy as combining witty and big words into a neatly constructed message and hitting the send button. Though be at ease, read on, as we have simplified the various factors and strategies of effective and practical email marketing for you.


Your Checklist in Drafting Emails

Working on your email marketing campaign needs your undivided attention and every drop of your creative skills. This is a make or break means of promoting your brand’s advertising pitch. When you decide to go for email marketing, you need to do it right; otherwise, all efforts, time, and money are wasted as soon as your message is moved to the spam/trash folder without being read. To help you begin auspiciously, take a look at this checklist.

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The Three W’s

The Why would be your first W. Why are you sending the email in the first place? Determining your goals is a crucial step that you should never skip; this will govern your overall output. You have to specifically identify if you wish to introduce a new product/service or promote an existing product/service; if you aim to boost engagement on your website or merely increase visits to your website. Regardless of your ultimate motive, the key here is to be specific on what you want to achieve in sending that email.

Your second W is Who. Who is your audience? Knowing who your target recipients helps you properly filter your leads list. Still, it also gives you an insight into how you should create your email’s tone or structure. You should consider the age, gender, marital status, location, or metrics deemed necessary to give you a clear picture of who your customers are and what they are interested in.

Once you have identified the first two W’s, your third W will be a piece of cake – the What. What email type should you use? What are you promoting? These answers will impact the type of email you send out. For example, if it’s to promote a product launch event, you may want to create an event-oriented email with an RSVP.

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A Welcome Email

This is something you want to send to your new subscribers. This is where you properly introduce your company and personally showcase your brand. Though a thank you email, you can use this to gather more information from your new client and invite them to visit or like your other pages or online accounts.


Lead Nurturing Emails

A series of emails with a coherent purpose. From the name itself, this is meant to nurture a new subscriber into a loyal customer. This is automated and targeted, so be sure to create various content depending on your lead’s stage of the buying journey.


Transactional Email

This is an email triggered by a specific action that your lead has taken. This could be confirmation of a filled-out form or a placed order. This is something customers expect; hence, you may take advantage of this to promote or remind them of important stuff or include a call to action (CTA).


Promotional Email

This is a classic; the type of email you usually receive from companies that are looking for you to purchase something. Try incorporating some form of persuasion such as emotions, adding humor, inducing curiosity, or being wildly creative to get the customer to click through.



This could be your regular means of communication with your leads. This is where you provide business updates, news, or announcements. The goal here is to raise and maintain awareness about your products so that your brand becomes the first thing to pop on your customer’s mind when the purchasing time comes.

Let us give you an example of how to use the three W’s. Let’s say you want to amplify the engagement on your website and to gather more feedback (this is your Why), and to do so, you figured out your target audience should be millennials within your state (this is your Who); hence, you have come up with a catchy title incorporating some millennial lingo or terms and a meme in the body (this is your What).

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The How

The How would be your preferred tools or software to manage your email campaign. You have several choices, such as SendinBlue, ConvertKit, Constant Contact, Mailchimp, Drip, GetResponse, or AWeber. Regardless of your preference, you have to ensure that the software you choose offers efficient and practical features like user-friendly interface, templates, marketing automation, contact list management, and email campaign performance tracker. Most importantly, be sure to utilize a tool that guarantees that your messages will not be filtered as spam or trash.


Keep it Short and Simple (KISS) – this is a rule of thumb. 90% of users do not actually read emails, especially lengthy ones, this is why we have a tl;dr (too long; didn’t read) expression. Cut the chase and be wisely straightforward on your emails; be smart, be strategic.

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The Anatomy of an Effective Email

We have dissected an effective email to give you an in-depth idea of how to draft one that will surely be hard to resist.


The Subject Line

This will be your reader’s first impression of you, and in email marketing, first impressions do last. Always use a catchy subject line, which will spark an interest in your reader to read more. Keep it concise and specific; you need to set proper expectations. Misleading subject lines can make your audience feel betrayed, which could permanently unsubscribe to your campaigns; this also violates the CAN-SPAM Act. Lastly, avoid writing in all caps, and using spam-trigger words like congratulations, guarantee, risk-free, or this is not spam.


The Email Overview

The email overview or pre-header is the most underrated and underutilized portion of an email. In contrast to general malpractices, this is as important as the subject line. Though still brief, this provides a deeper overview of your email’s context. Instead of repeating what you’ve put in your subject line, maximize this space to further tease your leads to open and read the email.


The Main Body

While we have mentioned above that you have to keep your emails short and simple, we understand that there are times when you need to write paragraphs. That’s okay; you simply have to make sure that the first sentences hook your customers to read more. Be careful about using a strong introduction, and never start with an offer, a promotion, or a favor. These easily turn off readers. For unavoidable long emails, highlighting keywords or significant information..

You also need to personalize your message, not some generic copy-paste or automated ones. After all, you are trying to reach out, so you have to create and incorporate that human connection in your email. It also helps to add visuals such as pictures, GIFs, and videos. Incorporating a poll or a survey could as well promote more engagement.

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The Call to Action and Unsubscribe Link

The Call to Action (CTA) is your perfect chance to invite your readers to your landing page, direct them to an order form, or whatever the goal of your email is. CTAs usually appear near the start, in the middle, and at the bottom of your email.

Similar to how establishments need to be built with a fire escape, emails should be drafted with an unsubscribe link. Your main goals on sending an email usually include promotion and engagement, but this is something you should not force. Some email service providers have this built-in, but if not, be sure to include a functioning one. Otherwise, you’ll be facing complaints and fines in violation of the CAN-SPAM Act.

Many of the more successful businesses out there were built on and are continuously flourishing thanks to email marketing. Your email marketing campaign’s success will depend largely on the quality of your email leads, which are basically the foundation of your campaign. If the foundation is weak, the whole thing could crumble sooner rather than later. It is therefore wise to acquire your email list by purchasing from a reputable source that operates on the virtue of providing excellent service and being instrumental to the success of another business.

Here’s one last tip for when you purchase that email list and before you start that email marketing campaign – make sure that you have an email address that is customized to your business as this lends formality and credibility to those emails you would be sending your leads, your possible lifetime clients.

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